We All Win With Stronger Crowns

SaskTel, SaskEnergy, and SaskPower: we are rightly proud of these and our other crown corporations, and not just for for the services they provide. They are drivers of innovation, good employers, important sources of revenue, and strong pillars of a healthy, diversified economy.

As leader of the Saskatchewan NDP, I will not only defend our crowns. I will work to improve their ability to provide services and bring in revenue for the benefit of all of Saskatchewan.

We can:

  • Protect our crowns by repealing Bill 40 and introducing legislation to define privatization as anything less than 100% public ownership;
  • Defend and expand the revenue-producing ability of our crowns, rather than selling them off or hobbling them by draining profits and limiting markets;
  • Require a referendum before any crown can be sold or disposed of — something Saskatchewan people are already demanding with the SaskCrowns petition;
  • Commission a study of the benefits of, and challenges facing, Saskatchewan’s crowns, including identifying areas where new or expanded crowns — such as SaskPharm, a crown corporation that produces generic drugs in the province  — could bring benefits for Saskatchewan people;
  • Design a new Saskatchewan Transportation Company, a provincial transportation system that restores efficient freight service, meets the needs of today’s travellers and integrates with the transit systems of Saskatchewan cities;
  • Return the grants-in-lieu funding collected by SaskEnergy and SaskPower to municipalities and review this program to ensure it is equitably applied across the province;
  • Leverage the strength of SaskTel, SaskPower, and our stable physical and political environment to make Saskatchewan the home of cloud storage, supporting a burgeoning tech industry;
  • Use the strength of SaskTel, which already provides remarkable service for such a large and sparsely populated province, to make high-speed internet and quality cellular service a reality across the province;
  • Mandate SaskPower to prioritize the development of partnerships with small towns and reserves to meet their energy needs and feed electricity back to the grid, and to develop opportunities for innovative, Saskatchewan-based green energy production and well-paying jobs that are good for people and the planet;
  • Establish an energy efficiency body, independent from SaskEnergy and SaskPower, that focuses on cutting our overall energy needs by subsidizing retrofits for existing buildings and creating conservation-focused building codes and incentives for high-efficiency new construction. 

Our publicly owned companies are an invaluable tool for building a healthy economy in Saskatchewan, providing fundamental infrastructure that allow people and businesses to thrive. After a decade of neglect, it’s time to reimagine their contribution and leverage their strength for a new generation. We all win with stronger crowns.

If you agree with these ideas, pledge your support.