Ryan’s vision is rooted in seven pillars of a healthy Saskatchewan:

A Healthy Economy

Saskatchewan has enormous potential for wealth creation that benefits everyone. To reach that potential, we need to invest in the human and physical infrastructure that makes a thriving, diversified economy possible.

Investing Upstream

Government can and should think far beyond the next election cycle, and there’s no wiser investment in our future than ensuring every kid gets a healthy start.

Real Reconciliation ­

First Nations and Métis peoples are a fundamental strength of our province. There remain serious challenges to making Saskatchewan a place where people from all communities are able to thrive, however. We can and must do better.

Complete Care

We are rightly proud of Saskatchewan’s legacy as the home of Medicare, but we can’t be satisfied with the status quo. We can build a health system that meets our changing needs and helps to prevent illness in the first place.

Rural Reconnection

Our lives are connected, whether we’re in the country or the city. In order to succeed, we need to recognize the contribution and the needs of rural communities.

Energy Leadership

We have the most abundant sources of renewable energy in the country. It’s time for Saskatchewan to take pride in leading the way as we develop the energy infrastructure of the 21st century.

Deeper Democracy

Democratic is the middle of our party’s name and should be the centre of all we do. Let’s show what’s possible when the people lead.


For more information on Ryan’s policy vision, read on here, or explore his specific policy releases below.