Meili will head to convention with strong fundraising lead

Final financial report ahead of convention shows Meili leading in number of donors and total raised

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(February 21, 2018) Saskatoon, SK — With voting currently underway to decide the next leader of the Saskatchewan’s NDP, today’s financial report shows a strong lead for one candidate.

Ryan Meili leads in total raised and number of individual donors, has a lower average donation, and has raised more than double the amount from individual donors as his competitor. The final interim financial report ahead of the March 3 leadership convention was released by the party this morning.

As of January 31, Ryan Meili, who has refused corporate and union donations and committed to fundraising only from individuals, had raised $157,679.82 from 896 individual donors. His sole competitor in the race raised $127,333.92 from 538 donors — $74,562.25 of that, less than half of Meili’s total, has been contributed by individuals.

“We’re very grateful for all the support,” Meili said. “It tells us that New Democrats are ready for change, and that we’re the change they’re choosing.”

Meili now heads into convention with significant momentum, with the only independent poll of party members finding a strong lead in support for Meili over his competitor.

Meili committed during his September campaign launch to fundraising only from individuals, and is the only candidate in either of the two major parties’ leadership races who has accepted no corporate donations. Party financial disclosures are posted to the party website each month.

“Our fundraising target is now in sight,” said Meili’s official agent Kelly McShane. At the outset of the campaign we set an ambitious goal of raising the $200,000 spending limit, and counting the donations that have continued to come in since the end of January, we’re now over 85% of the way to that goal.

“New Democrats are looking for a leader who can excite and inspire, and who can raise the funds needed to be organizing in every community across this province. With these fundraising totals, Ryan has shown that he’s that leader.”

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