Ryan Meili Calls for Expanded Role for Crowns

Today, Saskatchewan NDP Leadership Candidate Ryan Meili released a policy statement, “We All Win With Stronger Crowns,” in which he vowed not just to protect Saskatchewan’s Crown Corporations, but “to improve their ability to provide services and bring in revenue for the benefit of all of Saskatchewan.”

Meili’s policy outlined ten actions for a stronger crown sector, including repealing Bill 40; requiring a referendum before any crown could be sold or disposed of; studying the business case for possible new crown corporations such as SaskPharm, a crown corporation producing generic drugs in the province; designing a new Saskatchewan Transportation Company to restore efficient freight service and meet the needs of today’s travellers; and mandating SaskPower to prioritize the development of partnerships with small towns and reserves to meet their energy needs and feed electricity back to the grid.

“Our publicly owned companies are an invaluable tool for building a healthy economy in Saskatchewan, providing fundamental infrastructure that allow people and businesses to thrive,” Meili said. “After a decade of neglect, it’s time to reimagine their contribution and leverage their strength for a new generation. We all win with stronger crowns.”

The complete policy statement is available here