Meili Takes Strong Lead in Fundraising, Releases Labour Policy

(October 24, 2017) Saskatoon, SK — Saskatchewan NDP leadership candidate Ryan Meili has taken a convincing lead in fundraising, according to third-quarter financial disclosure documents released by the party.

With $41,009, Meili has so far raised more than twice the total raised by his competitor, Trent Wotherspoon, and from significantly more than twice the number of donors — 151 to Wotherspoon’s 63.

“These early results suggest there’s a real appetite for change within the NDP, and within the province more generally,” said Meili’s fundraising chair, Sean Ryan. “Obviously we still have a long way to go, but we are heartened by, and grateful for, the support so far.”

Ryan Meili pointed to his campaign pledge to reject corporate and union donations — part of his commitment to comprehensive campaign finance reform — as, paradoxically, a key driver of his early success.

“People realize that if we want fair elections, uncorrupted by the influence of big money, they’re going to have to step up and get involved,” Meili said. “And I’m encouraged to see that they’re doing just that. This strong early showing tells us that we can win when we trust the people of Saskatchewan to step up and lead.”

Meili also rolled out his labour policy, emphasizing that his commitment to fundraise only from individual donors is matched by his determination to support and advance the rights of working people.

“My support for the labour movement is not contingent on financial contributions,” Meili said. “It’s rooted in a recognition that a healthy society is simply not possible without a healthy workers’ movement. The evidence is clear that when the labour movement is strong, we all do better. When the labour movement is under attack and losing ground, everyone does worse.”

Meili’s labour policy, “Fairness at Work,” proposes a three-pronged approach to healthy employment rooted in supports for healthy workplaces, healthy communities and healthy families. It includes a commitment to pay equity legislation that extends to the private sector, a $15/hour minimum wage, extending paid sick days to all workers, restoring card check certification and repealing Bill 80. The full policy statement can be found on Meili’s campaign site at