Moe disappoints in first major address, Meili releases urban policy

Collaborative, Competent Governance Remedy for Current Discord

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(February 6, 2018) Saskatoon, SK — Predictable budgets developed in consultation with municipalities are key to Saskatchewan NDP leadership candidate Ryan Meili’s urban policy, released today to coincide with the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association annual convention. “Our hometowns need a partner they can trust at the provincial level,” said Meili.

The surprise costs downloaded onto municipalities in last year’s budget significantly eroded this trust and pushed a wedge between cities and rural communities. Premier Moe’s indication that he plans to renegotiate revenue sharing sends the message that there will be no change to the province’s combative approach to government relations.

“It’s time to move away from the politics of division. We need to embark on a new relationship, one that involves municipal leaders in meaningful discussion on the best way forward,” Meili said.

A majority of Saskatchewan residents now live in cities, but this hasn’t made rural communities any less vital to urban growth.

“At this very moment, at any given grocery store in one of our cities is a family from a rural community stocking up on supplies. Our regional economies depend on that kind of interplay. Infrastructure, public safety, health services — these are regional issues that we must tackle collaboratively,” said Meili.

Cities are looking for clearer direction from the province on marijuana regulations, a fairer slice of PST, support for expanded renewable energy production, and the freedom to explore other means of generating revenue instead of relying on the blunt instrument of property tax, says Meili.

“By working as positive partners with municipal leaders we can improve the lives of people in every community.”

Read the full text of the policy here.

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