Meili Releases Arts and Culture Policy Ahead of Multi-City Music Events

(January 9, 2018) Saskatoon, SK — Saskatchewan NDP leadership candidate Ryan Meili released his policy for Arts and Culture this morning. Meili’s plan would see the province reintroduce the Film Tax Credit and increase support for upcoming and established artists and creators to share their talents across rural Saskatchewan.

“Culture has a wide impact across society – people of all ages in all parts of the province are touched by the arts,” Meili pointed out, adding that “over 90% of Saskatchewan people attend cultural events each year — the highest percentage of any Canadian province.”

Meili characterized the arts as an engine of community economic development for rural and urban Saskatchewan alike, pointing out that every dollar invested in the arts returns nine dollars to the provincial economy.

Meili’s plan includes commitments to:

  • Work with the Saskatchewan Media Production Industry Association on a plan for rebuilding and expanding Saskatchewan’s film and television industry, including reintroducing the Film Tax Credit.
  • Invest in Artist-in-Residence programs and enhance connections between practicing artists and educators to ensure Saskatchewan children have opportunities for early hands-on exposure to art and culture;
  • Support Indigenous artists and artisans in the production and marketing of contemporary art and fine craft;
  • Reestablish “Culture on the Go” funding with an eye to increasing the opportunities for new artists to gain exposure and for established artists to share their work around the province;
  • Partner with rural and urban municipalities on the development of infrastructure, including venues for the presentation of art and culture, artist-run centres and “maker spaces” to facilitate mentorship and collaboration.

Meili’s policy release can be viewed on his campaign website, and comes days ahead a tour of three major hubs of arts and culture in the province. Meili will be visiting Prince Albert, Saskatoon, and Regina as part of the “For a Better Saskatchewan Tour” that sees each city hosting a live music event with local artists in support of Meili’s bid for the NDP leadership.