Meili Extends Fundraising Lead, Releases Sexual and Reproductive Health Policy

(November 27, 2017) Saskatoon, SK — Fundraising disclosures through the end of October from both the NDP and SaskParty leadership races paint a clear picture of momentum for Ryan Meili’s NDP leadership campaign. Meili’s campaign, which has seen more than double the number of individual donations of any other candidate in either race, has raised nearly double the total amount of the other candidate in the NDP race.

Meili leads the field in individual donations

“We’re very grateful for all the support,” Meili says. “It tells us that there’s a significant appetite in this province for a fresh approach.”

Meili committed in September to fundraising only from individuals, and is the only candidate in either race who has accepted no corporate donations. Party financial disclosures are posted to the party website each month.

On Thursday of last week, Meili released his sexual and reproductive health policy in response to controversial comments from Sask Party leadership candidates on the subject. Meili emphasized that a healthy society is one that empowers people to make their own decisions and ensures that every person has the non-negotiable human right of unrestricted access to information, resources, and sexual and reproductive health services including abortion.

“The comments from Sask Party leadership candidates demonstrate an obsolete perspective on reproductive health that ignores the realities faced by thousands of people in Saskatchewan,” Meili said. “Access to reproductive health services is a fundamental right, and Saskatchewan needs increased access to all forms of reproductive care, free from interference or judgment.”

The full policy proposal is available on Meili’s website:

In the past week, Meili has also accepted endorsements from NDP MP Georgina Jolibois and CUPE Local 974; held well attended meet-and-greet events in North Battleford, Prince Albert, Regina and Saskatoon; conducted a telephone townhall with NDP members; and released a video showcasing the voices of supporters, including novelist Yann Martel, speaking about why they are involved in his campaign.