Yann Martel

Novelist, Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, New York Times Bestseller

I believe in Ryan Meili because the time has come to change how we do politics. If we address the thousand-and-one small ways in which individuals and families go wrong, then we'll start addressing the ten ways in which our societies are going wrong.

Big problems start in small ways, and Ryan's organic, holistic approach to politics, rooted in his experience as a medical practitioner, is the way to go to address these problems.

Evidence-based policy making that yields real results is how we, the people of Saskatchewan, of Canada, of the world, will get through the challenges that we face, whether they be climate change, social inequality, economic disparity, child poverty, environmental degradation, racial conflict, or the problems of the health care system.

A better future starts now, and it starts with Ryan Meili.