Ted Jaleta

runner, coach, humanitarian, Saskatchewan Sports Hall-of-Famer, refugee, immigrant, and the 2016 NDP candidate in Regina Coronation Park

I know that Ryan would lead a smart and compassionate party and government.

As a medical doctor, Dr. Meili understands the importance of both elder care and child care, the importance of lifelong education and shared prosperity. He would be a strong voice for newcomers who face unique challenges, whether with accessing affordable housing and childcare, training, improvements to the provincial nominee program, or the recognition of foreign education credentials.

In his work as a doctor, as an educator and as an advocate for better social policy, Dr. Meili has demonstrated he is a fair and compassionate individual who understands the people of the province. Dr. Meili has the sustained sense of direction and the vision to create, step by step, the necessary economic and social changes we need. Ryan has what it will take to inspire the next generation and shift the political conversation in this province towards wellbeing and equality for many years to come.