Shayne Lazarowich

Executive Director of the Prince Albert Multicultural Council, musician with Saskatchewan-based recording artists All Mighty Voice, 2016 NDP Candidate in Prince Albert-Carlton

I am very proud to be part of Ryan Meili’s campaign for a better Saskatchewan. I have known Ryan for over twenty years and have always admired, and been inspired by, his very sincere commitment to community, and to working towards a healthier society for all. I am excited to endorse Ryan, based both on what I have seen him accomplish in the past, as well as his progressive, holistic vision for the future.

Ryan Meili is committed to raising the minimum wage in Saskatchewan to $15/hour so that nobody working full time has to live in poverty. I care about that. Saskatchewan people deserve that, just as much as folks in Ontario, Alberta, or other jurisdictions do.

Ryan is the ONLY candidate for leader (of either major provincial party) that has taken a truly principled stance and pledged not to accept corporate or union donations during a leadership race. I respect that immensely.

Ryan speaks about a desire for striving for a healthier society and the importance of the social determinants of health. He has helped me to better understand that. I know that he understands how crucial this is for positive, sustainable development of our great province.

I believe that Ryan will be a strong and much needed voice for Prince Albert and the north. He realizes that our local needs and challenges can be very different from those in our larger cities. After many years of Sask. Party neglect, it will most certainly be refreshing to one day have a premier who works for PA and the north, one who understands that Saskatchewan doesn’t end just north of Saskatoon.

Ryan Meili believes in diversity and inclusiveness. We deserve leadership that is respectful, honest, and worthy of its citizens. People are tired, and rightly so, of scandals, and of divisiveness and petty politics. It is time for change and for a much more positive path. Let’s build a healthier society, a stronger Saskatchewan, based on our common good and our common goals, a sustainable, more diverse economy, serious reconciliation efforts, and respect for all, above all. Join me in working to make Ryan Meili the new leader of the Saskatchewan NDP and the next premier of our fine province.