Shane Partridge

community leader, member of Saskatoon-Riversdale NDP Executive, Indigenous NDP wing Executive, a member of Str8-Up

My name is Shane Partridge, I am a member of Saskatoon-Riversdale NDP Executive, Indigenous NDP wing Executive, a member of Str8-Up, I sit on numerous Boards of Directors across the province, and committees in our new Sask. Health Authority. I’m a community leader, very active in the fields of OH&S, addictions and mental health in our province, and I am enthusiastically announcing my formal endorsement, for Ryan Meili, in his campaign to be elected as Leader of Saskatchewan’s NDP.

I don’t take politics lightly, and I don’t normally offer endorsements, today is different, because I am afraid for our province, our children, the environment, and committed to do all in my power, as a community leader, volunteer, activist, and parent to help change that.

I’m afraid for Indigenous Peoples, Worker’s Rights, Healthcare, our remaining Crowns, Economy, and even more so, the future of our children.
I’m afraid that the same old leadership, with the same tactics, will yield the same old results, and
nothing will change. We will float through the 2020 election, and as a province we will lose, yet again, another 4 years without a fresh voice, or clear vision. 
Jobs Lost, Crowns Sold, and Indigenous Peoples, still waiting on opportunity, promises fulfilled, and apologies made, while we all suffer.

I’ve simply had enough!!!

I’ve known Ryan Meili for a number of years, in the community as a Doctor, Service Provider, Volunteer, Activist, Friend, and what I’m most inspired by, a Terrific Family Man and Father. 
I know Ryan is the right candidate, that can take and create some real change, fighting for every one of us, not just travelling the province, costing us more, to hear more of what the citizens of this province have been saying for a decade, without getting anything done.

Where I really can identify with and speak on, is his plan to bring forward a Universal Pharmacare, which should’ve been fought for long ago. One can’t expect another to heed medical direction, heal, when they can’t afford it. I have personally been in the predicament of either paying for my medication, or buying groceries and paying rent. I usually sacrificed eating for days.

How can we expect the homeless with health concerns, to get adequate treatment? It’s a vicious cycle – homeless can’t get assistance without an address, and can’t obtain an address without adequate mental and physical healthcare to aid in stability, which being left untreated, costing us billions 
in healthcare and law enforcement dollars.

Ryan is my friend. I am immensely proud to know that. As a doctor, I watched and listened to people in high-risk lifestyles, talk about how Ryan Meili would work with them on getting OFF methadone, instead of keeping them numb.

Ryan is the ONLY one who tirelessly advocated for a strategy on gangs in our province, actively volunteers with inner-city residents,
Ryan is the only one who has ever stepped foot in any of the grassroots organizations in the core neighbourhoods of my city, 
Ryan is the only one who will guarantee equal opportunity for Indigenous Peoples within Government, 
Ryan is the only one to affirmatively answer “of course” when asked if it’s safe to tell children, that they can achieve anything and their past mistakes won’t necessarily limit them, 
Ryan was the only one that is able to say hello to Str8Up members by name.

It’s an important time in our province. The need for Indigenous opportunity and representation in Government, fresh ideas and a clear vision has never been greater.

Ryan Meili is the clear choice, to help lead our province into a place of prosperity and opportunity for all.