Sally Mahood

Family doctor, U of S Faculty Member in Academic Family Medicine

As a family doctor, I know that many health problems are rooted in people's social and economic circumstances. Research has repeatedly demonstrated the need to address these social determinants of health through policy, but the political will to do so is often lacking. Ryan Meili has the capacity to change this. He brings a fresh approach to politics that focuses on building consensus around addressing the social determinants of health through public policy and political will.

Ryan’s work in the community has taught him the importance of universal access to sexual and reproductive health services to achieving gender equality. As a longstanding pro-choice advocate and provider, I am pleased that his policy statement on sexual and reproductive health (http://www.ryanmeili.com/sexual_and_reproductive_health) supports access to the full spectrum of reproductive rights, from education to contraception to abortion.

Ryan lives his knowledge of the steps necessary to achieve a healthy society in his day-to-day work in inner city medicine, his international medical work, his research, his teaching, and his strong policy advocacy. He translates good ideas into practical action and motivates others to work alongside him for real change.

This is just the sort of leadership the NDP – and the province – needs.