Rylee Ann Schuhmacher

Chair of Sask NDP Rainbow Pride, member of the provincial executive

I'm happy to be endorsing Ryan Meili for Saskatchewan NDP leader. I'm supporting Ryan because he's a leader and ally where and when it counts. I've seen firsthand the relationships he builds with supporters and friends — from my family doctor, who he mentored in medical school, to the folks who work in his campaign office. He is someone who listens to, invests in, and cares about people. Ryan's ability to listen is, fundamentally, what I want in a leader, and in the next premier of Saskatchewan.

I'm supporting Ryan because I think he has what it takes to bring us to government in 2020. Ryan's vision of a healthy society presents a clear alternative to the Sask Party's record of helping their rich, well-connected friends get ahead, while the rest of us end up worse off. It's a vision that connects with and inspires people. I know it inspires me just as much today as it did in 2013 when I first joined the party.

As a woman, a student, and a part of the LGBTQ+ community, I'm excited to be behind a candidate that stands for universal access to contraceptive and reproductive care, for a much-needed update to the sex education curriculum in our province, and for making higher education accessible and affordable to everyone.