Randonn Swann

Community activist

My involvement with Ryan's last campaign started with a direct message that prompted me to renew my membership, and led to me climbing the ladder of engagement. Initially, as a campaign volunteer, I was only going to do data entry and message people on Facebook, and I was quite adamant about not having to actually talk to anyone, but then I found myself phoning, and then I found myself doorknocking.

I like Ryan's ideas, not just about what makes a society healthy, and what can uplift us all, but about how to do politics differently by taking the high road. Politicians don't have to ugly to each other.

I like Ryan's ideas enough that when the previous campaign morphed into something new and exciting, the foundation of the organization Upstream, the Institute for a Healthy Society, I wanted to be a part of that too. I've been on the board of Upstream since its start and have deeply enjoyed being part of an organization focused on keeping the health of all the people who live in this province and this country at the forefront of policy.

How amazing it would be, how much better we could do together if we joined forces to elect Ryan Meili the next leader of the NDP and our next NDP premier."