Paula Krasiun-Winsel

activist, NDP Federal Councillor for Saskatchewan, former co-chair of Canada’s New Democratic Youth

It’s not enough to simply treat the symptoms of political disparity and lack of engagement. Instead, we must dive deep to discover meaningful solutions on how we can better accomplish our collective goals by connecting with people's shared values. I’m supporting Ryan because he understands that, while our circumstances and experiences may be as different as the colours of a prairie sunrise, we need only dig into our roots, into that common thread, to find what truly connects us. He cares about the wellbeing of folks across all four corners of Saskatchewan — it's evident in the work he’s done as a family doctor and continues to do as a politician. I’m inspired by the future that he represents; one that looks beyond simple taglines and empty rhetoric. Saskatchewan deserves a leader who dares to dream, and, as a dreamer myself, I see those qualities in Ryan.