Michael Karras

Vice-Principal, 2016 NDP candidate in Saskatoon Southeast, and advocate with Learning Disabilities Association of Saskatchewan (LDAS) Saskatoon.

After listening to last night’s NDP leadership debate, I was very impressed with Ryan Meili’s ideas to engage rural Saskatchewan and particularly farmers. Having grown up on a farm I have always felt that the government has often left the farming communities out of policy. Ryan’s strategy to engage farmers was very encouraging and from my view included the things that farmers hold dear, such as Health Care, Education, Transportation and most importantly Land and Water protection.

I was also impressed with Ryan’s response to the Federal Carbon Tax and the inaction of the Sask Party on this issue. Instead of having a plan forced upon us by Ottawa, as the Sask. Party seems intent to do, Ryan believes we should have a Saskatchewan-made approach that actually supports agriculture and the farming community. Ryan Meili is the best choice for leader of the Saskatchewan NDP and the next Premier of Saskatchewan.