Liz James

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Dear Saskatchewanites...

If you read my Facebook regularly, odds are high that we have similar priorities. I write a lot (in a roundabout way) about things like poverty, homelessness, mental health, sexual and gender diversity, Truth and Reconciliation, refugees, and whether zero to the power of zero equals one or not.

Behind these rambling posts, there is a lot of research. By research, I mostly mean asking wise friends. I am very lucky to have a life filled with people who study these things in depth and devote years to working to improve the way society functions.

Ryan Meili is one of those people. Ryan is the sort of person that I can (and do) bump into at the farmer's market and greet with "I have concerns with the paradigms underlying our approach to addictions treatment" or "I need your opinion on the grade eight Treaty curriculum". Not only is he willing to skip small talk and jump into strategizing for a better society, he seems to prefer it.

I have not asked him his opinion on the debate of whether zero to the power of one equals zero or not, but on other issues important to me, he routinely a) understands and appreciates the question, b) has a lot of knowledge about the topic at hand, c) is generally involved in working on improving the situation in some way, and d) has ideas for how I could help.

How I could help today is to let you know that if you are someone who often clicks "like" on stuff I write, you should (if you haven't already) check out Ryan Meili's website (information in the comments). Read about him, his views, and his skills and plans. If you, like me, want to see him win the race for leadership of the NDP (and, ultimately, the election), I invite you to buy a membership in the provincial NDP (link also in comments) by JANUARY 19TH.

I've known Ryan for almost 20 years, and unequivocally endorse him as my choice for leadership of the NDP.