Leon Thompson

Plains Cree (Nēhiyawēwin) graduate of the University of Saskatchewan College of Law

I believe in Ryan Meili.

Over the years, I’ve watched as Saskatchewan has doubled down on more of the same. Old ideas that reinforce inequity, old policies that don’t address the realities of life. Old attitudes that have contributed to the marginalization of First Nations and Métis people in our province. I’ve watched the Saskatchewan advantage benefit only some of the people in our province. I’ve watched as a premier told us it was a sunny day while standing under an umbrella.

Ever since meeting Ryan for the first time, I’ve been struck by his openness and dedication. His commitment to community, his desire to mend what is broken, his compassion in conversations; all of it demonstrates to me that he actually cares. In discussions he’s always made time to listen to my concerns, and to try to understand my perspective. We don’t always agree, but he has always been willing to make the time to find a shared understanding of the discussion. I can not think of a time that he has brushed me or my concerns off.

Ryan stands in stark contrast to the current government, to the current way of doing things. He wants to appoint a new Treaty commissioner, to improve the social determinants of health in both Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities, and to share prosperity across all of the province. He wants the policies of government to reflect the diversity of the peoples in Saskatchewan.

We have an opportunity to pick a leader that wants to work to bridge the divide, to bring our province closer together. I believe that we have the chance to make a meaningful difference in Saskatchewan. I believe in the vision that he is trying to realize.