Kirsten Samson

Member of the Student Council for the College of Arts and Science, University of Saskatchewan Senator, actively engaged student politician

When I think about the Saskatchewan I want, it’s a healthy one and I can’t think of a candidate who is better suited to achieve this than Ryan.

As a university student, I have experienced financial hardship. I’m drawn to Ryan’s plan to make higher education more affordable: http://www.ryanmeili.com/post-secondary-education

We shouldn’t have to ask ourselves if we’d rather pay our tuition or pay rent. Ryan’s post-secondary platform was created in consultation with students because our voices are valuable.

And that’s what really gets me about Ryan. He’s in politics because he cares. When I talk to Ryan, he genuinely listens to my concerns. But it’s not only me. I have seen Ryan on campus on multiple occasions, meeting with a variety of students and listening to what concerns them. Ryan is someone who I’ve seen around the city, interacting with anyone he bumps into. I’ve also seen Ryan in rural communities - stopping on doorsteps in Kindersley, discussing issues that matter to rural voters.

Ryan offers a refreshing take on politics, centred on the people he cares so deeply about. That’s why I’m endorsing Ryan Meili as leader of the Saskatchewan New Democratic Party. I’m so excited to be a part of Ryan’s team to make a better Saskatchewan.