Julee Sanderson

President of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers - Prairie Region

As a union leader I struggle every day to do my part for marginalized people, for workers as well as those in precarious employment, for my community and for our province. I offer my personal support to Ryan Meili because Ryan has been a leader in the fight for equality and fairness. I look forward to the day when an NDP government leads this province, shares the principles of working families and values the struggle of the working class.

One of my favourite quotes is from former union leader Walter Reuther. He said, 'there is a direct relationship between the ballot box and the breadbox, and what the union fights for and wins at the bargaining table can be taken away in legislative halls.' Reuther recognized the significance of the relationship between labour and politics.

Considering today's political climate, I believe workers need to take a more active role in choosing the leadership they believe will make social justice and equality the concern of country and province. Since the advent of neoliberalism we have seen some active attempts to undermine unions in this province. Ryan Meili brings with him a promise for change with his willingness to confront issues with tangible answers. Ryan has a balanced solution to service and job cuts, and considers the economic impact to the working people of Saskatchewan. The labour movement needs a leader with a clear objective and a readiness to grapple with the increased labour intensity that has hurt working people in our province.