Elizabeth Plishka

USSU Help Centre Coordinator, Health Studies student

I first met Ryan when I was high school student volunteering at the Student Wellness Initiative Toward Community Health (SWITCH). Ryan helped to establish SWITCH when he was a med student and he continued to volunteer there as a medical mentor. It is my absolute honour to endorse Ryan for the leader of the Saskatchewan NDP.

Ryan taught me then and has consistently demonstrated, that politics truly is medicine on a larger scale. He has an intimate and comprehensive knowledge of the social determinants of health and their impact on communities throughout Saskatchewan. He truly believes that the path to a healthy society is through the elimination of inequities and injustices in our society. His step into politics is evidence of his commitment to a healthier society on a large scale.

Ryan understands that one of the keys to a healthier society is education. I appreciate his dedication to reducing barriers, such as tuition, that can make it impossible for some to attend a post-secondary institute. Ryan is also committed to making the educational experience more inclusive. The work he has done to improve social accountability in the College of Medicine is just one example of his commitment to improving education outcomes for all.

If you agree that Ryan is a dynamic force for change. I encourage you to buy an NDP membership and vote for Ryan!