Don Mitchell

Moose Jaw City Councillor

It’s an honour to endorse Ryan Meili for leader of the Saskatchewan NDP

Leadership should never be a lonely exercise. “We” is the operative pronoun, and we, together with Ryan, can fundamentally change the direction of this party and this province. 

Our leadership cannot be focussed exclusively on the legislature or even the next election, as important as these are. Leadership needs to embrace a longer term vision and agenda to reverse the destructive forces of climate change, challenge the accelerating trend of social and economic inequality and end the legacy of hate and discrimination based on race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. 

Ryan’s commitment to address the social determinants of health through social and political change is something he works at every day as a doctor and as a political representative. We need to share his practice of community engagement as a party, provincially and federally. Under Ryan’s leadership in Saskatchewan, we can become a movement which links with progressive causes and networks nationally and internationally.