Corey Atkinson

2016 NDP candidate for Moose Jaw North, reporter

As someone who campaigned in the previous provincial campaign, I found so many times on the doorsteps in the 2016 campaign I was asked ‘but what would you do? Why would I vote for you?’ We’re not going to win until we define ourselves as a party for the people.

I’m happy to support Ryan in his campaign to become leader because his platform holds true to the original ideals of the party: fairness, compassion and a better province for all. If we want to distance ourselves from the mistakes of the past, we need to establish ourselves as a party that works cohesively for all people. His principled stand against corporate and union donations to his campaign is a shining example of the kind of Saskatchewan that we all want to see.

I can’t wait to see how the party approaches the issues of health, education, employment and child care with Ryan in charge.